Custom Facemask Program

The world is going through a crisis. Every day essential employees such as Doctors, Nurses, Food Service Workers, Maintenance and Logistical Drivers are faced with the COVID-19 crisis. Many hospitals are in need of medical equipment and garments.

At NEWCHEF we want to better assist the doctors and nurses by offering non-medical personnel with a washable cotton mask for protection in their daily work lives. We have the materials, the facility and the knowledge to make this happen!

We have developed a reusable protective mask to help alleviate the industry's needs. The masks are to be used with either a HEPA filter, Vacuum filter or even Coffee filters. These are not direct substitutes for the N95, surgical or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. But with much research we’ve found out that surgical masks are made out of paper-based filters which have smaller holes to screen out bacteria and viruses. Our reusable masks have a small opening to add a paper filters. The key is the added extra protection to your employees.

Best of all our capabilities can offer you masks with the personalized logo of your company. You can keep the employee morale high by offering masks with your logo and even adding slogans like “Strong”, “Unbreakable”

*Due to the high demand, we are processing orders based on first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding.

Please fill out the form below so that one of our experienced program agents can contact you in order to further discuss and develop your ideas.